CCSCSB - DOPT & YHAI 3rd Half Marathon 2022

3rd HALF MARATHON, 25th September 2022

Guidelines for Civilian Central Govt. Employees & their dependents (Spouse & Children)

Dear Participant,

Thank you for registering for CCSCSB-DOPT & YHAI 3rd Half Marathon on 25th September, 2022. Please read below mentioned guidelines carefully to register.

1. The event is open to Civilian Central Government Employees and their dependents (Spouse & Children) working.

2. The Registration will be done on first - come, first - serve basis with a maximum ceiling of 3000 registration. Registration will be closed after target registration is completed.

3. For a minor participant,the parents is responsible for correctness of details filled in, in the form.

4. The Registration starts from 4th August, 2022 and ends on 10th September, 2022.

5. The Registration fee for Central Government Employees would be Rs.500/- (non-refundable) +5% online booking charges.

6. The details regarding categories and age criterea for the participation are as under:

a) 21 KM - Minimum 18 Years and Maximum 60 Years.

b) 10 KM - Minimum 16 Years and Maximum 60 Years.

c) 5 KM - Minimum 10 Years and Maximum 60 Years.

7. The participant is to participate only in the race category in which he/she has applied.

8. Entry to the venue will be allowed with Event T-Shirt and Bib number on the front of the T-Shirt, failing which the participants will not be allowed to participate in the event.

9. Bib is non transferable. Tampering with and removing of Bib is not allowed. Any person found wearing the incorrect bib or without bib will not be allowed to participate in the event.

10. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from the event/competition who gives incorrect personal data/details in the application form.

11. Participants are required to cross all timing machines installed along thier respective routes to qulify for the result and certificate.

12. Participants must follow defined route. Any attempt to cut short or cross the barrier, would lead to disqualification.

13. Participants are not allowed to run with pets, unregistered runners or babies/children who are under aged for the designated category.

14. Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the medical personnel.

15. Participants are requested to cooperate with the volunteers, police and security personnel deputed at the event venue and en route.

16. Photographs taken of runners during Marathon event organized on race day can be used for the purpose of promoting the event.

17. Starting and finishing points of the event would be Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

18. The starting & Reporting time of the Marathon would be as follows:

Distance, Reporting time, Flag Off time , & Location:

a. 21 Kms (Reporting - 5:00am | Flag Off - 5:30am | Completion - 8:30am) | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

b. 10 Kms (Reporting - 5:30am | Flag Off - 6:00am | Completion - 8:30am) | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

c. 5 Kms (Reporting - 6:30am | Flag Off - 7:00am | Completion - 8:30am) |Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

19. The Registration starts from 4th September, 2022 and ends on 10th September, 2022.

20. Incase of non receipt of confirmation/Registration No. please contact within 48 Hrs at 011-45999022/26.

21. Breakfast would be provided to the participants.

22. Half Marathon Kit collection details are as under:

Date: 15-20 September 2022

Time: 01PM to 04 PM

Venue: Youth Hostels Association of India, 5, Nyaya Marg,Chanakyapuri,New Delhi - 110021

23. Only the runners who complete the race will receive a digital Certificate & medal. Digital certificate may be downloded from the website after the completion of the marathon.

24. Participation in the event will be fully on participant's own risk.

25. Cash Prizes will be awarded to both Male & Female Winners, First Runner up and Second Runner up in all the three categories.

a. Category : 21KM, Winner : Rs.10,000/-, 1st Runnerup : Rs.7,000/-, 2nd Runnerup : Rs.5,000/-

b. Category : 10KM, Winner : Rs.7,000/-, 1st Runnerup : Rs.5,000/-, 2nd Runnerup : Rs.3,000/-

c. Category : 5KM, Winner : Rs.5,000/-, 1st Runnerup : Rs.3,000/-, 2nd Runnerup : Rs.2,000/-

26. Employment ID proof is required to be provided by the participants during registration. Participants are requested to upload Employment ID proof documents in JPEG Format which should not be more than 512Kb size.

27. For security reasons, participants are requested to come without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that the participants do not leave any valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewels, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. with the Organizer. Organizers are not responsible for any loss of baggage and belongings.

28. Enjoy the race, help us to keep the area clean and be nature-friendly.

Participant Daclaration
I , hereby declare that i am medically fit & eligible to participate in the Half Marathon. All the information given by me is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. CCSCSB-DOPT & YHAI will not be held responsible for any untoward incident during the event.

I Agree